Must Have Tools for the Professional Contractor

Tool box

Must have tools and equipment for the professional contractor.

The right power tool is essential to any project. The question then becomes: What must have tools should a contractor own? Having the right equipment on hand brings greater efficiency and accuracy to the job site. The following must have tools belong in every contractor’s arsenal.


A durable drill able to tackle a spectrum of projects is an essential must have tool. Cordless drills are lightweight and versatile, allowing you to drive and drill using a variety of drill bit options. The Lithium Ion Cordless Drill/Driver features a variable position clutch for enhanced precision. Providing up to 400 pounds of torque, this powerhouse is the perfect toolbox companion for any construction-related job.


Grinders are perfect must have tools for specialty jobs that mandate power behind the grind. Projects the involve cutting counter tops or shaping tile can easily be accomplished with a grinder.


For DIY projects and basic construction jobs, a compound miter saw cuts precise angles with accurate measurements. Projects that require angled crosscuts and miter cuts such as decks, frames and dollhouses are easy when you use a 10-inch miter saw. Being able to cut at every angle ensures a level and secure fit.

Saws are crucial to home improvement projects. A specialty tool for carpenters and contractors alike, the 1560 is a 3 1/4-inch planer with an 11-position depth control for precise cutting and smoothing. A planer is a finishing tool that removes bumps and uneven edges.

Circular saws are built to easily cut through wood and other solid materials. The 75th Anniversary Worm Drive SKILSAW has a 15-amp motor and impact-resistant carbide blade for controlled cutting action. Most circular saws are equipped with worm drive designs and mechanisms. Worm drive refers to a gear assembly that provides a steady, solid cutting flow, which in turn prevents slipping and reduces the chances of cutting an uneven edge or line. Worm drive saws tend to be heavier workhorses than standard circular saws and generally have the blade running on the opposite side. They are designed to cut through tough wood materials with ease, making them a good choice for larger DIY projects such as furniture or structure framing.

Miscellaneous Essentials

The Skil 18V Pivoting Head Flashlight is perfect for jobs with limited lighting. Its pivoting head makes it easy to handle — yet another benefit.


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