When Would You Use a Jigsaw?


Sometimes known as a sabre saw, a jigsaw is a small, versatile power tool which can cut straight lines as well as curves. Its narrow blade is perpendicular to the handle and moves in an up and down motion similar to that of a sewing machine needle. Jigsaws are fairly lightweight and can be corded or cordless.

Jigsaws can be used on a variety of marterials such as wood, PVC, or copper pipe. The benefit of a jigsaw is in it’s ability to cut within the center of the material. For instance, making a cutout in a countertop for a kitchen sink. First a hole large enough for the jigsaw blade to fit is drilled into the center of the area to be cut out. The jigsaw blade is inserted into the dilled hole then the rest of the material can be cut out. Another type of jigsaw is a scrolling jigsaw. This version has what looks like a saddle horn at the top of the handle, and is used to turn the blade in the direction of the cut line while it is cutting the material.

SkilToolsAdvantages of a Jigsaw

Because the jigsaw is farily lightweight, and it has a small blade, it’s less intimidating to use than other power saws. Specifically, it is less intimidating than a circular saw, yet can make straight cuts in different materials like a circular saw does. A variety of blades can be used as well, depending on the application.

Some fun projects include:

  • Freehand designs or stencils on wood or metal for a child’s room, such as a duck, rabbit or cow
  • The type of puzzle that shares a name with this saw, made from wood or hardboard
  • A dollhouse and its furniture
  • A birdhouse
  • Stylish furniture based on any design you dream up, like a headboard that has the shape of waves


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