Power Tools Required for Home Improvement Enthusiasts


Possessing the right power tool for the job is half the battle. Professional contractors know how important quality tools are in determining the outcome of a job. Home improvement projects are no different. A well-rounded set of power tools is essential for the do-it-yourself enthusiast. Not only will they speed up the task, but also increase the overall quality of the job.


Power drills/drivers are versatile tools ideal for many projects around the home. Capable of boring holes through wood, metal, plastic and other materials, they also are designed for driving screws. Common home improvement projects suited for a drill/driver are installing door locksets, drilling pilot holes, driving screws and even mixing dry materials when fitted with a paddle mixer. Drill/drivers are available in a wide range of sizes and power options (electric and rechargeable) to match your needs. Hammer drills include a setting that allows the user to bore holes in concrete quickly and efficiently.

SkilToolsCircular Saws

Circular saws are a necessary component for any home improvement enthusiast. The versatile saws cut through a variety of wood projects quickly and cleanly. A circular saw is capable of cutting lumber to length or ripping through sheets of plywood. Because they are available in various sizes and power options, choosing one suited for your skill set and projects is easy. Optional laser guides only increase their accuracy.


When you need to make intricate cuts in wood, metal, plastic or other materials, a jigsaw is your best option. Available in both electric and rechargeable versions, these power tools can cut most patterns out of the materials mentioned. Common projects around your home that might require the use of a jigsaw are cutting out sink openings in countertops or notching laminate and hardwood flooring.

Reciprocating Saws

Reciprocating saws are similar to a jigsaw on steroids. These saws are designed to make rough cuts in wood, metal or plastic residing in hard to reach places and are ideal for demolition work. Both electric and battery operated models are available for added versatility.

Table Saws

When it comes to making precise rips through lumber or plywood, nothing beats a table saw. Designed for bench top use or fitted to a portable stand, table saws are ideal for larger remodeling projects around the home. Experienced users can even use a table saw to create certain types of molding and trims.

Compound Miter Saws

When installing door casings, baseboard, crown molding and other trims, a compound miter saw is your best friend. Designed for easy degree/angle changes, the saw speeds up completion times significantly versus a manual miter saw. Compound miter saws are suited for a bench top or used in conjunction with a specially designed, folding stand with slide out arms to support longer lumber.

Power Sanders

Some home improvement projects might require the use of a power sander. Several types of power sanders are available to include belt sanders, orbital sanders and palm sanders. Common projects around your home where you might use a power sander are sanding furniture, doors and trim or to remove old paint. If your drywall finishing skills are lacking, sanding a patch with a power sander provides a smooth finish and professional result.

The aforementioned power tools are a great start for any home improvement enthusiast. With this collection, you can tackle most projects around your home and then some. As your skills and projects increase, many more types of power tools exist that you can use to enhance your collection.


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