Waste Removal Options for a House Demolition

It is important to find the right receptacle to use for discarding remodeling and demolition waste.

It is important to find the right receptacle to use for discarding remodeling and demolition waste.

If you are getting ready to tear down or demolish a house, it is important to keep waste removal options in mind. There are several things to consider before starting demolition, such as how you are going to dispose of the debris from your property. Depending on the type of materials that are found in and around the structure, you may wish to use several waste removal options to make sure that materials are properly disposed of.

SkilToolsConstruction Dumpster

Most people automatically think of ordering a standard construction dumpster to dispose of all materials at once. This is a simple and effective way to remove debris and clear a site fast. You can set up an arrangement with the waste removal company to bring one or more dumpsters to the property and remove and replace to your specifications.  Construction roll-off dumpsters start at 10 yards and can be as long as 40 yards.

Additionally, bags or large-bag dumpsters can be purchased at local hardware or home improvement stores, filled at your convenience then picked up by a local waste removal company. This is more suited for smaller items that need to be removed prior to demolition, such as furniture or yard waste.

Hazardous Waste

If your demo involves any type of hazardous waste materials, you will have to request a specific dumpster for this type of storage. According to the EPA, all hazardous materials should be disposed of in proper containers to prevent ground contamination. Hazardous waste may include oil, gasoline, sludge, paints, solvents, pharmaceutical wastes and other unknown substances.

Bulk Waste

When tearing down a home, you may have several items that are bulked together and unable to be split up into designated recycled piles or containers; this is considered bulk waste. If you have mainly concrete, you can request a concrete or asphalt dumpster. Maybe you want to designate large amounts of dirt to be removed from the property — there are specific dumpsters for both fill dirt and clean fill dirt.

Construction Debris Recycling

In most cases, the debris you remove from the demo site can be recycled. You may receive a discount for the rental if you choose to separate materials. Examples of materials that can be recycled include wood, plastic, metal and glass.

There are several options available for construction waste removal. Be sure to have a plan in place prior to demolition day, so you can work a waste removal program into your budget.


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